BC Hydro

Exercise Bike Interactive Game

Ever wanted to make your own power? BC Hydro’s stylish green stationary bikes, each with a touchscreen, aim to let you just do that — almost. After a furious 15-second spin, the rider gets to see what they could power (if they kept riding for a 24-hour period) in relatable terms: pieces of toast, phones charged, loads of laundry washed, and more. A scoreboard of high scores keeps it competitive, all riding on a central theme of encouraging power conservation. Look for these bikes at BC Hydro tradeshows and community events.

Illustrating icons for this project was really fun!

Illustrating icons for this project was really fun!

I’m still hoping to get some photos of these bikes in action.

My Roles  Interface Design, UX, Art Direction, Icon Illustration
Studio  /  NGX Interactive
Project Manager  Laura Grieco
Developer  Mike Hunter
Creative Director  /  André Bussanich
Year / 2014