Food Network

Gesture Cooking Challenge

Celebrity chef Lynn Crawford is very busy and needs a little help in the kitchen. This gesture experience lets visitors help out by preparing a salad — mixing vinaigrette, chopping beets, tossing arugula, plus bonus salad assembly tasks. Based on the performance of the visitors’ Kinect tracked movements, Lynn cheers or heckles her helper through each step. Daily top 10 scores are displayed to encourage competitive salad makers. 

Photos courtesy of Wasserman Media Group.

Photos courtesy of Wasserman Media Group.

My Roles  /  Interface Design, UX
Studio  /  NGX Interactive

Project Manager  /  Diedre Feist
3D Artist  /  Alex Greenberg

Creative Director  /  André Bussanich
Exhibit Location  /  2014 Canadian Open Golf Tournament — Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Year  /  2014